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What lies within us is more important compared to what lies behind us and what lies before us. Ronnie Joy Krasner, Certified Soul Coach

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Ronnie Joy Krasner, CSC
Ronnie Joy Coaching
Certified Soul Coach

Ronnie Joy Krasner, Certified Soul Coach


  • stuck
  • invisible
  • not heard
  • your power is depleted
  • people are zapping your energy
  • you are not sure what to do next in life
  • you haven’t figured out your life purpose 
  • you haven‘t met your perfect partner
  • unhappy


My coaching draws upon my life experiences, life coach training, intuitive guidance and spiritual connection.  I am called to do this work. I have taken the trauma and life challenges I have experienced, and subsequent healing of my wounds, to eventually become the Certified Soul Coach, healer and spiritual advisor that I am today. I get to the heart of the matter and can get from my heart right to your heart. “You are magic in that way.” BG
I support all women on their emotional, physical and spiritual life journeys for their transformation of living a joyful life and provide a package of sessions for these services.
What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? A joyful life is more than simply being happy. It's about living a life of meaning and purpose, being present, honoring all things and being grateful for the abundance of natural gifts available to us each day. A joyful life is a way of experiencing life in new and miraculous ways. A joyful life is about looking forward to what you want and how you want to show up. It's about becoming empowered to let go of behaviors that no longer serve you, even if there is fear of letting go of the familiar. It's about strengthening your relationships with yourself, significant other, family, co-workers and friends. Because our joy is non-negotiable! Being coached is different than asking a friend's advice. It is a process of growth toward an abundant life of ease, peace and joy. I am a conduit for raising your vibrational energy. Discover the powerful tools I have to help you on your way to your joyful life.

Ronnie Joy Coaching
Ronnie Joy Krasner, CSC
Your Joyful Life
The Midlife Dating Coach

Ronnie Joy Coaching and The Midlife Dating Coach

 Are you a midlife, single woman? I support midlife, single women on their dating and relationship journeys and provide coaching sessions for empowered dating. For many years I was Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach. I have expanded my services in response to the needs of my clients. I SUPPORT ALL WOMEN on their emotional, physical and spiritual life journeys for living a joyful life and provide coaching sessions for empowered dating and expanded coaching sessions for living a life you love. You'll receive transformation from the inside out. Need some help navigating the online dating world or finding love in the wild? Get my great tips, including what to wear to stand out. Married or in relationship? You'll pick up valuable information, as well. Click on the link and listen to this short audio. 


Ronnie Joy Krasner, CSC
Ronnie Joy Coaching
Your Joyful Life
Supportive Journey

Supportive Journey

 As a professionally trained and experienced Certified Soul Coach, I have the tools, life experience and personal commitment to help you create the life you may currently find difficult to imagine.  I'm here when you are ready to look at the decisions you are making that don't bring you closer to the joy you want to feel. Are you feeling stuck or blocked? I can help you get to the heart of the matter and have you move forward. It's my specialty to get you to a renewed sense of self. I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm. This is transformation from the inside out.  I commend your commitment to yourself for a life filled with ease, peace and joy. 

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